Success in our personal lives depends on support from our network of family and friends. The same principle applies to our working lives too.

Professional success relies on meeting the right people and creating a network of high quality contacts. These people will connect and endorse you with influencers, decision makers and their own networks. Networked recommendation and referral is proven to greatly outperform conventional marketing campaigns and also often leads to exciting new career opportunities, before they are advertised.

Learn networking secrets from the experts

The Power of Networking

You may feel comfortable using social media but do you have the confidence and skills to work-the-room and excel in brief face-to-face conversations with new contacts?

If you’re at all unsure in these situations, you can’t afford to miss this convenient early evening training course, delivered by networking experts. In addition to learning key networking skills and techniques you will also understand how to rapidly build up your number of key contacts and transform them into a high quality network that will become your most valuable business asset.

Accelerate your career with confident networking abilities

Take our Training Course to accelerate your career and success

Designed to be dynamic and highly interactive, the early evening course will analyse and address key networking challenges.

We’ll also give you an opportunity to practice your skills with other course delegates in a safe and supportive training environment. Not only will you learn the key elements of successful networking, including how to make the best use of business social media, but also receive personal feedback and coaching tips after the `live` networking session from one of our highly experienced trainers.


Once you learn networking secrets from the experts, you’ll take home strategies and techniques which will build your confidence and strengthen your networking skills.

Course Structure

Registration opens from 5:30pm. Light refreshments are provided on arrival. The course runs from 6:00-9:00pm and covers the following:

  • Planning and preparation before a networking event
  • The role of business social media in supporting networking strategies
  • Networking skills and techniques and how to work-the-room
  • Executing your networking strategies and plans effectively
  • Simple follow-up and lead generation activities
  • The live networking session
  • Summary and feedback

A take-away summary of course content will be provided to each delegate and the trainer will be available for informal discussions on a one-to-one basis at the end of the course. The trainer will also be delighted to provide post-course support and advice if requested.

Our team can also design and deliver a bespoke training course for your own company or organisation, tailored to meet your exact requirements.

Take action today. Book a place on this training course to gain the deep insights and networking skills that will help you achieve your business and personal goals.

For more course details and how to make a booking, please contact the Network with Confidence team at:

About Us

We are a dedicated group of business professionals who teamed up to develop a convenient, early evening training course ideal for the networking beginner or as a refresher for the seasoned professional.

The course is designed to equip each delegate with the confidence building skills and networking techniques needed to achieve their personal and business goals.

By end of the evening you will be fully conversant with the strategies and techniques covered. We will help you develop your own personal approach to growing your own network and show you how to turn it into your most valuable personal and business asset.

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