By learning how to unlock the huge power of networking you can create a network that will become your most valuable business asset

Network central

The key to unlocking the power of your network is to treat it as the central sun of your business universe and not as a distant planet that is occasionally useful but not really of strategic importance.

Some people do not fully appreciate the significance of a business network whilst others would love to have one but they don`t know how to go about building it.

Step by step

The first step is to make the decision to build a powerful business network that will feed you good leads and help you close business. As in many other areas of human activity, you will be surprised at how quickly things happen once you have set the ball rolling.

The second and vital step is to ensure that you have the right skills to carry out your networking strategy effectively. Networking is a big topic and there is much written about it. However, the quickest and most effective way to get yourself up to speed or take a much needed refresher is to spend a couple of hours with us by attending the Network with Confidence training course.

Reading books about the subject either on-line or off-line is no substitute for participating in an interactive course where you will have the chance to practice your skills on fellow delegates and receive immediate feedback on your performance in a `safe` training environment.

Powerful and practical for anyone

The ability to build your own `super powerful` network is very much in your own hands if you have the determination, self-confidence and relevant toolkit of techniques to network effectively. By learning and practising the core networking skills that we will share with you on the course, you will find that before too long, you have created a network that is indeed your most valuable business asset.

Attend this short training course and `live` workshop and gain the insights and skills to succeed
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You will learn how to work a room with ease and build relationships with the `door openers and decision makers` who can win you new business

Unblock the road-blocks

There are a whole range of potential roadblocks to reaching your potential as a successful networker. Apart from a very few people who seem to be totally confidently and completely nerveless when joining a room full of people who all seem to have `known each other for years`, most of us tend to take a deep breath, try and join an `easy looking` group and then hope for the best in terms of successful business outcomes.

It doesn`t have to be like this!

Networking can be planned, prepared for and executed like any other business activity. It takes thought, focus and relatively little time and effort to transform yourself from someone who takes pot luck and leaves everything to chance at networking events into someone who is beginning the process of build a hugely powerful valuable business asset for the future that will bring great business and commercial success.

Plannning your networking

The first thing is to plan your networking strategy well before the event, conference or meeting takes place. Then, moving though the stages described in the Network with Confidence training course you will arrive at the event with both a positive, confident mind set and a clear idea of what you want to achieve and how you are going to achieve it.

However, it`s not all over at the end of the event. Much of the business value to be gained from your networking sessions will depend on the quality of the follow-up activities you implement after the event has finished. Once again, your follow-up strategy should be planned in advance of the event. It should never be carried out as an afterthought or something that is simply overtaken by day to day events when you are back in the office.

Once again, the strategies and techniques you will hear about on the course will enable you to plan and execute your networking and follow-up activities with precision, timeliness and effectiveness.

Attend this short training course and `live` workshop and gain the insights and skills to succeed
For more course details and how to make a booking, please contact the Network with Confidence team at:

This training course will give you the skills to become an expert networker and ensure you gain maximum value from every networking event you attend

We all know the old cliché…`It`s not what you know but who you know`…and like all clichés there is more than an element of truth in it. However, whilst networking based on `the old school tie` is still alive in some quarters, the modern approach to networking is to use all available channels to communicate value. This is absolutely critical to business success.

Contemporary networking has changed

But with so much emphasis on the on-line channel, many people do not focus enough on developing their ability to network `face to face`, particularly where confronting a `room full of strangers`. The key objective of the Network with Confidence team is to address this issue by providing high quality training to empower delegates with the confidence and skills to network successfully `in person`.

The high cost and low returns from traditional cold calling strategies are no longer effective in today`s business world. If you are not connected to the key players and decision makers before the final decisions are made you are simply wasting your time and resources.

Quality not quantity

The best way to communicate value is to develop relationships with people who can help you. If they cannot help directly, they will have the credibility and relationship with other third parties who are able to help. In this way you can get your message across in the most effective way without wasting time and effort on speculative pitches for business.

We all know people who appear to have an infinite network of friends and business contacts and a seemingly endless supply of people who can `fix` things and help them get what they want. In most cases, they are not born as `networking superstars` but are people who have worked hard at understanding and developing the skills and techniques required to build, nourish and grow a `super powerful` network of contacts.

Equip yourself for greater success

You can readily equip yourself with the type of knowledge and skills you need to become a highly successful networker. Whether you are a relative beginner or a seasoned professional, the Network with Confidence training course will give you everything you need to create your own `super powerful` network and enable you to achieve your personal, business and financial goals.

Attend this short training course and `live` workshop and gain the insights and skills to succeed
For more course details and how to make a booking, please contact the Network with Confidence team at:

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